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Born in Tela Honduras, my family migrated to New Orleans LA in 1960. I met my wife of 33 years in New Orleans and eventually settled in the Tampa Bay FL area in the late '90s. Photography has been my passion for about 13 years. It started in May of 2000 when we went on a vacation to Cairns Australia and I had a cheapo Kodak disposable camera...the images were horrible (duh!). From that moment on, I was determined to photograph the color of life as best as I could. As a freelance photographer, my mission is to capture those timeless moments of life, document important events and places, portray people in ambient light and create images that compel one’s attention. I invite you to walk through the below galleries of my website. My hope is that they inspire you to love life and its fleeting moments. Stop by often as these galleries will change over time. (Tip: Inside each gallery is a [Slideshow-Fullscreen] button to the far right.) Contact me if you have a project in mind. We will sit and have coffee or a beer and chat about the visuals you have in mind. Ciao! For more info contact me at: (813) 641-4757 | rtauceda@gmail.com

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